The Cleaning Lady




Crime, Fiction
Season 1
Lucas Combina
Jaque Content
Gersh Agency


Rosa is a cleaning girl who works in different places. One night, however, something happens and Rosa starts cleaning crime scenes for powerful people. She’ll be responsible for wiping off every incriminating evidence and she’ll become the key to any crime, both for the killers who depend on her and for the police investigation department that unaware of her identity won’t find it easy to find culprits or stop the crime wave.
Premiere in Argentina on Plataforma Cine.Ar Play, TV Pública and Channel 10 Córdoba.
The series won the Federal Martin Fierro Award and the Martin Fierro for the Best Federal Fiction Series in 2017.
INCAA award for the most widely seen series in Cine. Ar Platform in 2017.
Preselected for the 2018 Emmy Awards and nominated to the Condor de Plata Award in in 2019.
PRODU AWARDS 2019 for the best Latin America Miniseries.

A successful format that goes around the world

Here are the productions that were based on our original series

The 1st season became the most watched drama series in prime time (with 11.9 million viewers). The 3rd season premiered on March 5, 2024.  

Produced by Warner Media Latin America, it premiered with the launch of HBO Max Latin America.

Turkish version produced by 03 Medya. It premiered on Fox Turkey and has been running for 2 seasons