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Pasatono Orquesta Musical

360-degree content production evoking immersive experiences

Pasatono Orquesta embodies a musical tableau, a frame capturing a dreamlike past, reminiscent of the old Oaxacan orchestras that brought life to festivities and fandangos. Its cultural diversity, with musicians hailing from various indigenous backgrounds such as Mixtec, Triqui, and Zapotec, among others, adds flavor and spice, infusing the music with vibrant hues and diverse musical thoughts, akin to a dish filled with contrasting flavors. Simultaneously, it evokes sounds, traits, and styles from African, Balkan, Dixieland jazz, and rock music. Over its 25 years of existence, Pasatono Orquesta has collaborated with indigenous musicians from Oaxaca, as well as renowned figures in Mexican music such as Eugenia León, Lila Downs, and Saúl Hernández, alongside musicians from other corners of the world, including Lassana Diabaté from Mali, Golem from NYC, and Goran Bregovich from Serbia.