Fiction Thriller
Season 1
Ana Chacon, Santiago Villois and Maximiliano Baldi
Maximiliano Baldi
Jaque Content and Teodoro Ciampagna
Territories available
Latin America, Spain, Scandinavia and Belgium Non-exclusive. Available in the rest of the world.


The Herzigs have bought the Eden Hotel, their plan is in motion. They have very powerful allies, but their project goes beyond the hospitality business. Celebrities from all over spend their holidays at the Eden Hotel, such as poet Rubén Darío, Albert Einstein, the Prince of Savoy, among many others. Yet, the hotel income has a far more important aim: to help the National Socialist Party, especially Adolf Hitler. As time goes on, the Herzigs and the Eden Hotel get completely immersed in the Nazi Party. They’ll try to opt out but it’ll be too late.
Released in Argentina in 2011.
Martín Fierro Award for the Best Federal Argentine Fiction in 2011.