Vurdalak Blood




Fiction: Horror Thriller Fantasy


Santiago Fernández Calvete
Jaque Content, Aramos Cine, Natalí Córdoba and 108 Media


After killing a vampire, a man goes back home at that magical hour, between day and night. His family hesitates whether he’s still human or has been bitten by the non-dead. His teenage daughter is determined to stand for him, but doubts and fear keep growing at home as the darkness of night falls over.
2021 – Vurdalak Blood has been granted an award for Best Terror Feature Film in Anatomy: Crime & Horror Int. Film Festival (Greece), apart from being nominated to: Best Film in every category and to Best Director of Terror feature films.
2021 – Vurdalak Blood has been granted the Best Feature Film and Best Director award in the Wreak Havoc Horror Film Festival (U.S.A.)
2020 – Vurdalak Blood has been granted the FANTLATAM award in Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre for the Best Latin American Feature Film.
2020 – Vurdalak Blood has been given a Special Mention for Screenplay in Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre.
2019 – Vurdalak Blood was granted two BWIP Awards, Blood Window Work In Progress, Ventana Sur 2019.
2019 – Mocha Chai Laboratories Award (NAFF Market, South Korea).
Third prize of the Fondo de Coproduction of Córdoba to Vurdalak Blood.
2019 – AFF Award (South Korea) in Pitching Sessions at Blood Window to Vurdalak Blood.
2018 – Third Prize at the Features Films Contest held by INCAA 2017.